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((OOC: Whether I’m working on the ask blog or my YouTube video series, I hate teasing my fans with things that may not come to be. For example, I had this big hype for a Halloween video back in 2011, but I had to cancel the release of the video for technical reasons. That said, I’m going to tease all of you “Ask Nerdtron and Vortex” fans with this bit of information….

I finally have some fresh ideas for the ask blog and I have already started to put them in motion. You can click the following link for a preview:

Now…I hope this doesn’t turn out like that one Halloween video, but I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop, since there are so many of you who want to see Jimmy and Cindy return to the ask blog.))


Anonymous asked:

What if the OOC had Jimmy and Cindy do a Halloween special sort of thing?

Jimmy: The OOC?

((OOC: I’m already working on a Halloween special for my web show, but I’ll try to do a little something special for Halloween on this ask blog as well.))


Anonymous asked:

Hey, when are you two going to start answering questions again?

Jimmy/Cindy: *Shrugs*

((OOC: I’ll be honest with you…I could say that I don’t have the same amount of time, as I did before, to work on this ask blog, but that’s not entirely true. I feel I need fresh ideas and new inspiration before I can start this blog up again. Even so, I really like the ask blog format and have considered starting a new one based in the Fairly OddParents universe, but I don’t know if I’ll actually end up doing it or just bring back this ask blog when you least expect it.))

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